It’s been a busy few months!

When I was younger, I remember thinking about how long a semester in school was. Seemed like it was forever and now I seem to dash through time as if I pressed the lightspeed button on the millenium falcon (starwars reference just in case you don’t know). In any case, I had started this website really as an exercise to write and also a way to share thoughts and ideas.

Often people will look at the art work that I produce and perhaps see the places that I go and form generalized opnions. Even family members have chimed in from time to time. Usually starts with something like this…

MOM: Hey bud, where are you in the world today?
ME: Tonga.. Just got here.

MOM: Oh wow, where is that again? I’m looking at a map.
ME: Just east of Fiji. Its a small island kingdom made up of about 170 or so islands.

MOM: Can I fit in your suitcase next time?
ME: I’m sure that’s worse than flying coach.

It’s pretty often I get comments like this but I think the seemingly exotic locations somehow mask the way the conversation goes. I mean what if we changed the location? This is how I’d imagine the conversation going….

MOM: hey bud, where are you in the world today?
ME: Paris… Paris, Texas

MOM: Hmm where is that again? I’m looking at a map.
ME: Just east of Dallas, Its a small town made up of republicans and a fair bit of trees.

MOM: Well, have fun with that! Call me later.

Most of the time I’m not traveling and its actually a lot of work leading up to various expeditions that we have planned. Especially in the case of this year. I had another plan to make it out to Tonga but the window of possibility is closing on that one and for a very good reason. Last year I started up a blockchain company that serves as a tool to keep track of what happens in a Marine Protected Area. I mean, it seems logical if you are going to protect an area of the ocean that you should use some tools to count fish. This is done to some extent but not really as a whole much because the resources required to do this are unfathomable for some countries and even some budgets. Yet, even still there are bids to extend the marine areas and sometimes they get voted down. I don’t blame the public actually. You’re just telling me I can’t fish and you’re not telling me the health of the protected area that you have defined years ago. Well, I wanted to change all that along with a couple other like minded folks. I also want to know where plastic is collecting. If we can measure something we can improve it. I had noticed there seemed to be a lot of “improving”-ish ideas being funded and by really big companies. Yet the measurement of such a project was weak and perhaps a hypothesis at best. So the Ocean Currency Network was founded OCN by short. So back to Tonga, it will be there when I settle down but for now we have a couple Nation States in the Pacific that want to work with us in hopes we can protect their waters and find new ways to generate income using their most valuable resource. The Ocean.

If we are successful, we will have a business reason to extend Marine Protected Areas. Our overall mission is to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. So enough writing, I suppose I should get back to planning. There is quite a bit on the task list til 2030.

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