Another one out the door!

Over the past few years, I have been working through a system where I can continue to create work and deliver to collectors around the world regardless of my physical location. I’ve been really happy with Saatchi Art. They really have been a great tool to get my work out there. I am only selling my prints at the moment and some of them I take off the market for various reasons. There are some prints that I use various mediums and they can be very complex. Some of the more complex, I decide to release when I know I’m going to be in town to babysit the process a little more. In some cases, I’ll release works when I’m at sea and they are only for sale during that time. It is kind of like a live broadcast. It is available once and if you can catch it at the right time, you can take it but not a moment too soon or too late. It may seem ridiculous but I think we over commercialize art. When we are used to seeing beautiful images on pixels and not ink, I think something is often lost. So a way to bring attention to this lack of attention is to make scarce something that really shouldn’t be. In the end, I’m happy to create and sure I’m happy for you to collect. If you only saw it once online then for me, thats good enough!

This piece which is one of the classics just went out to a new owner. It’s #1 of a series. #2 will not be available for sale until after the summer when a new line of work will shift. Some pieces for sale now will go away and others will come in.

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