It’s that time again!

It’s the time of year where texans often try their best to get in their refrigerated spaces as much as possible. Let’s face it, who wants to spend their summer melting away into the streets.

Last year, I opened up a few of my sessions to the public in hopes to raise a little bit of money for my project. This worked so well I’m doing it again.

You might have noticed a floating blue button prompting you to book a session! Well, I invite you to book while you still have time. This year I will be traveling all over the world to document marine protected areas. The plan is to film and raise awareness. I will also be working on an entirely new series with Fashion Designer, Abi Ferrin. There are few spaces available and I urge you to grab a spot or two! The session fee is the only thing I will charge and you keep all images that I take. Its that simple.

Keep in mind that the images shown here are not the models I work with. They were amazing people who have a passion for the water and wanted to film beneath the surface. This type of photography is not easy and most certainly not for everyone, If you’re up for a challenge then I suggest you give it a go. It is a whole lot of fun and its a great help to our LUCiD Project.

If you would like to see more of my FineArt Collection and support us that way, you can buy online at


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