Back to Dallas… For now!

Testing out my new Mavic Pro 2

I picked up the new DJI Mavic Pro 2. It’s the perfect drone for someone who likes to travel light. Its a beautiful piece of machine that takes exceptional pictures. The image was taken right at sunset just a few days ago. I think it will come in handy for identifying whales! It boasts a 1 Inch Hasselblad Sensor! I’m very impressed with its abilities.

I didn’t start a post here to just discuss new toys. I wanted to give an update on where things are and what has transpired since my last post. I had a chance to meet the Dardanella Vessel in Fiji. It was a real treat to experience the ocean that way. It also provided the ability to arrive to very remote places that few will ever see. 


Upon arriving to a very remote island in Fiji’s Lau Group, I was met with very sweet souls. For a moment, it seemed like the kids were not sure of me. Who was this red headed guy with big red glasses?! Then they all shouted BULA! Such sweet sweet people. I could have spend months there. 


Last year with a few great people I formed the Ocean Coin. Or known by its corporate name Ocean Currency Network and OCEAN(tm) for short. The idea was to create a platform where other developers could assemble various data sources that might help our Oceans survive. I came up with the idea that we should attach a value to the life in The Oceans. If we could do that, the ones who didn’t believe would still play along with us as if they did. In January 2018 we wrote the code in Davos Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. One of our team members who will go unnamed snores worse than I do so its amazing anything at all was done.

OCEAN(tm) Smart Contracts

We built a blockchain solution to share data about the oceans between self-executing contracts known as Smart Contracts. Why? Well the mission was to support the UN SDG14 Life Below Water. At least use it as a framework for our design. How could we avoid a major catastrophe? What if we could leave areas of The Ocean alone for a period of time? The problem I saw was that there was not a real measurement taking place by various managers of protected areas. Hmmm, how can you improve something you haven’t even begun to measure? 

What if we could use a mixture of technology to acquire information on what is happening in protected areas? What would we learn about our shared environment? The Ancient Polynesians would issue a Tapu or a forbidden zone around their waters and would begin to count fish over a period of time to better understand when something should be fished. Maybe we can do one step better, lets show how this life is financially more valuable alive than dead. 

I made my way to New York during the UN General Assembly since everyone was in town. I had an opportunity to discuss in length with Former President Anote Tong this idea. It was great to understand his insight on a very complicated issue. He mentioned that his people are stuck, they have to do something about rising sea levels or they will lose their home. How will they move and how can they pay for such a thing. Maybe what we have created could be something they could take and develop on their own. Maybe other nations as well. Only time will tell.

At the present moment, I’m extremely busy planning the Ocean Summit. This has turned into a joint effort by Myself, Susi Mai and Debbie Kinder. We will be convening some of the worlds brightest minds to Necker Island this February 2019. This is the home of Sir Richard Branson and we are all very excited to have such a lovely place to plan the future of our oceans. 

If you know someone who you think is a catalyst for global change. Please send them to and we will connect with them. 

That is it for now, more to come soon! (sooner than before)