Ocean Summit Preview

Necker Island, Our Location for the 2019 Ocean Summit

Ocean Summit planning has been going quite well. (This has been the majority of my time lately) I will be visiting the island next week. Organizing an event like this means ensuring every detail is attended to. So I will be documenting every aspect of what it takes to get to the island so each attendee knows exactly what to expect. 

I had a call with Dr. Sylvia Earle where she asked me: “Jeremy, Why are you doing an Ocean Summit? Why aren’t you working with other summits? and what makes this any different than other summits that currently exist?”

I have to say I love Sylvia! There is nothing better than straight forward questions and getting right to the point. I first explained that I wanted for a long time to do an ocean summit where we could include innovators that wanted to create business concepts with the protection of the ocean in mind. We have folks that are working on Environmental DNA projects that hope to sequence valuable data at sea as opposed in the lab. Projects where mushrooms are eating plastic and leaving micro-organisms intact. We even have a company manufacturing autonomous boats to combat illegal fishing.

Autonomous Anti-Poaching Vessel that Doubles as an AI Scientist

In regards to working with others, That is one of the things that I wanted to do right off the bat. So I thought of 4 main areas. Policy, Innovation, Investment and Storytelling. These are 4 main areas that Science and Academia will sprinkle all throughout. So working with others is a must. There are too many people working on Ocean related issues but their ego is prohibiting them from collaborating with others in a useful manner. There are other summits and we want to encourage all of them to focus on action. Our summit is about action and capacity building. 

In 2016 IUCN met in Honolulu where they mandated to protect 30% of the Worlds Oceans by 2030. Our thought was, what if we get the right people together on the island that could define the capacity to execute this mandate? Beyond the event, we have some tech that will continue to nudge guests and ensure they get the resources they need to accomplish the goals defined at the summit. Our hope is that when we meet in 2020 we will be able to tell the world what we accomplished. All of us are tired of having meetings to just have more meetings. The days of convening for the sake of convening are over and that’s what makes us difference. We are holding people to their commitments and filling in gaps where possible.

If you have an idea and want to be with us on island, I urge you to submit to our questionnaire and have your comments reviewed by our team. In the meantime, I’m off to Necker Island with my co-hosts to meet up with Sir Richard Branson to ensure this goes off exactly like planned!

The Ocean provides every second breath we take. She has always been there for us and now we need to be there for her.

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