Necker Island at MAX Capacity

The Inaugural Ocean Summit on Necker Island
photo: Jeremy McKane

My transition from Artist to Actionist was more logical than what you might imagine! In 2013 the beginnings of my LUCiD project had begun with a few simple conversations down in Chile. Creating Art about the oceans seemed hollow without some sort of actionable results. I mean why tell the public about the atrocities facing the ocean if you’re not going to do something about it. In early 2017 after the success of LUCiD, my team and I founded OCEAN which is a blockchain platform to measure life below water. Our core mission is to facilitate measurement of protected areas in order to protect 30% of the Worlds Oceans by 2030. If we can measure something, we can improve it. For years, I wanted to attend an Ocean related event on Necker Island. I didn’t think that I would end up co-hosting an Ocean event we now call The Ocean Summit! We are all meeting at Sir Richard Branson’s home in just a few weeks. Ocean advocates from around the world have come together in hopes on creating a Public – Private manifesto for Ocean Action. We are maxed out and there is no space left which is why I will be soon provide links to our Live Broadcast. If you’re interested in participating via LIVE stream, stay tuned here in the next week and I will post up the links! hashtag#arthashtag#oceanhashtag#blockchainhashtag#conservation